Why CES?

Why CES?

Canadian Ecotourism Services (CES) is a tourism and community development firm with over 19 years of experience. Throughout the years, CES has evolved to offer much more than ecotourism services… we now have expanded into all aspects of community development services particularly targeting Indigenous communities.

The green square within CES’s logo symbolizes an opportunity for building relationships with people and places using a grassroots approach; an icon used throughout the company’s resources reinforcing our philosophy. Community & tourism development is what we know, putting you on the map is what we do.

Our expertise lies in Indigenous tourism development, coaching & training, cultural preservation projects, innovative product development models, planning & business development, and marketing and branding.  We have established an ability to work closely with Indigenous communities across Canada to create unique experiences that help to preserve local cultures and traditions. We have the expertise to work on both large scale projects such as the Aboriginal Tourism Ontario Strategy,  as well as small scale projects such as Feasibility Studies for Cultural Villages and Community Workshops.

Our Experience

CES has been welcomed into nearly 50 indigenous communities throughout Canada and abroad, including the homes of the Cree, Ojibway, Gitxsan, Inuit, Mi’kmaq, Tsimshian, Métis, Chippewa, Sto:lo, Odawa, Pottawotomie, Guarani, Rapa Nui, Garifuna, and Zulu. We have completed over 120 successful projects with these communities, their organizations, and their residents.

What sets us apart?

CES excels in communication, helping to express needs and relay values and goals from youth to elders, leaders, executives, organizations, and government.  Our projects are collaborative, built on a belief in transfer of knowledge, capacity building, and local empowerment.  We strive to set new standards for Business Plans, Community Master Plans, Regional Strategies, Policy Development, Industry Standards, Product Development, and Marketing Plans, necessitating in-depth interviews and large scale stakeholder consultations.

The CES team’s 50+ years of combined experience has led us to an innovative model for socio-economic development based on indigenous values and sustainable growth. We are not your average consulting firm!

CES Gives Back

We are passionate about moving our clients projects forward using a grassroots approach. We understand that funding is always an issue that holds clients back so we run a variety of project initiatives where CES donates in kind professional services towards the total cost of your project. Follow us on Facebook and/or email info@cesclients.com to find out more about our programs.


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