Indigenous Community Development

Indigenous Tourism Development: Using Indigenous Ways to Create a Sustainable Community

Does your community want to get involved in the business of tourism or enhance your current tourism products and services? CES offers a one-stop service for Indigenous Tourism Development and has over 18 years of experience in cultural, recreational, and Aboriginal tourism development. Our process starts with listening first, which helps us understand the local realties and the opportunities for appropriate sustainable development. We believe our elders teach us and youth lead us. We believe in voices being heard and creating conversations that matter. We believe each project achieves balance and harmony by focusing on people and solutions.

With Indigenous Tourism being one of the fastest growing sections of the tourism industry, if done well, it provides opportunities to promote a high level of cultural understanding for visitors, while providing local employment, new business creation and capacity building opportunities for community members.

An Indigenous Community Development strategy can help you to explore ways to implement sustainable economic opportunities. We employ a grassroots approach for community based tourism development with a focus on sustainable socioeconomic solutions. Each member of our team is responsible for understanding every element of every project and applying their skill and passion for making each project important and unique.

CES uses their Pando Terra™ methodology to implement the strategy – it is designed to offer a fluid process where the success of one element will enable success in others. Pando Terra™ is a process that is in harmony with cultural traditions. Rather than focusing on tourism development as a catalyst for growth, tourism will develop naturally as a secondary outcome of a solid community platform. People will want to know more about the community and learn about the people and their environment. This will lead to an increased demand for entrepreneurial programming support, the need for controlled growth and well thought out marketing and development strategies.

The Tourism Development Strategy will focus on seven critical elements:

  • Training and Human Resource Development
  • Educational Links & Transfer of Knowledge Applications
  • Linking Traditions with Technology
  • Protection of Environment, Heritage & Culture
  • Opportunities for Local Businesses
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Community Infrastructure