Aboriginal Community Development

Aboriginal Community Development: Using Indigenous Ways to Create a Sustainable Community

Aboriginal tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tourism industry and it will play an important role in tourism development across Canada. In order to successfully manage and operate sustainable Aboriginal tourism products and services in your community, an Aboriginal Community Development Strategy is essential in providing a solid foundation.

Our expertise lies in community based Aboriginal economic development. We have established an ability to work closely with Aboriginal communities across Canada and abroad to create unique development opportunities that help to preserve local cultures and traditions while providing economic benefits and employment opportunities.

Our process starts with listening first, which helps us understand the local realities and the opportunities for appropriate sustainable development. We employ a grassroots approach for community based economic development with a focus on sustainable socioeconomic solutions. We will provide innovative solutions for the community to access economic opportunities not only in the tourism sector, but in a variety of sustainable industry sectors. Each member of our team is responsible for understanding every element of every project and applying their skill and passion for making each project important and unique. We do the technical work while focusing on what matters most; people, pride and prosperity.

The ultimate outcome of an Aboriginal Community Development Strategy is to provide your community with a Plan that is innovative and in tune with local realities, that will create economic prosperity for generations to come. We will provide innovative solutions for the community to access opportunities in a variety of economic sectors, while respecting cultural and traditional values. In addition, there is a great opportunity for the community to use tourism as a catalyst for economic growth. Developing a local tourism industry creates many local spin-off benefits, including business development, servicing other sectors such as the resource industry, capacity development, protection of environment and culture and re-instilling pride in the community.

The following are some of the ways our Indigenous Community Development services can assist you:

  • Create a multi-year vision for economic growth in your community
  • Engage the community in the development process through the use of innovative technology
  • Ensure current economic development activity is effectively managed
  • Ensure future planned economic development activities operate at a high level in harmony with existing businesses
  • Recommend opportunities for youth and transfer of knowledge programming between Elders and youth
  • Develop and offer a range of tourism activities to maximize the benefits this economic sector can generate
  • Develop a marketing program designed to ‘brand’ the community and open its doors to investment opportunities
  • Recommend technology to maximize promotional efforts and investment opportunities

At CES, we strive to empower, encourage and support your community and its members first; positive economic development will follow.