Products & Services

Our expertise lies in providing a one stop shop for Indigenous community and tourism development.  Our services include entrepreneur coaching & training programs, cultural preservation projects, mobile app development, innovative product development models, planning & business development, and marketing and branding.  We have established an ability to work closely with Indigenous communities across Canada to create unique experiences that help to preserve local cultures and traditions. We have the expertise to work on both large scale projects such as the Aboriginal Tourism Ontario Strategy,  as well as small scale projects such as Feasibility Studies for Cultural Villages and Community Workshops.

CES’s products and services include:


Our Pando Terra™ Model uses indigenous ways to create a sustainable community/region. It is designed to offer a fluid process where the success of one element enables success in others. Using seven holistic elements it empowers, encourages, and supports the community and its members first; positive economic development will follow.

  1. Community Development Plans
  2. Tourism Master Plans
  3. Business Plans
  4. Feasibility Studies
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plans
  6. Mobile Strategy Plans
  7. Land Use Plans
  8. Marketing & Branding Plans: The Bold Branduses four steps in defining who you are to the world: the image you need, your implementation strategy, your brand reach and launch and managing and mainlining your brand.


Mobile Apps

1. My Community App:

The My Community App presents an opportunity to celebrate the spirit and identity of indigenous and cultural groups using innovative technology. Retention of culture has become an issue for many indigenous communities throughout the world and there is a critical need for innovation to integrate language and culture into community life.   PDF | VIDEO

2. TechTours

TechTours™ is a downloadable iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MP3 player and Smartphone application that provides an interactive emotive storytelling experience on destinations with audio and video features using GPS technology.   PDF

3. Community Engagement Apps

This App is an invaluable tool for any community considering partnerships with industry. It shares your culture, your heritage, your priorities and how you would like to be engaged in order to create a meaningful dialogue between you and potential partners.  PDF

4. Community Websites


Training & Coaching

  1. Best Practices Missions
  2. Personal Coaching for Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Economic Development Officers
  3. Corporate Coaching for Tourism & Business
  4. Customized Workshops


Tourism Product Development

  1. Cultural, Heritage, Nature, Eco-Tourism, Adventure
  2. Authentic Indigenous Moments Model (AIM)
  3. Product Packaging & Distribution Models


Community Engagement

  1. Community-Driven Engagement Services – Communities
  2. Community-Driven Engagement Services – Companies


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