Clinton Belcher

President & CEO

Founder of CB Powers Enterprises t/a Canadian Ecotourism Services (CES) with offices located in Toronto and Winnipeg. Although Canadian Ecotourism Services (CES) has been his flagship for over 23 years, Clinton’s focus is working one-on-one with entrepreneurs and business leaders in many different sectors to build their capacity and better their businesses. He believes profit and not for profit all require the same operating principles and leadership to survive, he makes it his life’s work to enable people with purpose to have a sustainable organization with positive growth opportunities for people and process.  

Clinton does this by working one-on one with businesses owners and their teams to improve their purpose and profit! Clinton brings an innovative approach to sustainable economic empowerment gained through his entrepreneurial abilities with individual/community driven ventures, business start-ups and capacity building programs. Clinton’s experience comes from having the privilege of working across Canada and abroad in diverse industries and cultures.

Clinton’s natural ability to coach, manage, and empower the people he works with has enabled him to develop unique product and service solutions to assist organizational and individual growth. Clinton specializes in small business and community development solutions such as, community development plans, socio-economic impact assessments, tourism plans, strategic planning, business planning, speaking engagements and most notably business advisory services. As an Indigenous person from South Africa, his most notable work in Socio-Economic Impact Assessments focuses on cultural preservation. Clinton’s greatest strength is problem solving, he believes there is a solution for everything if you are armed with the right attitude and the right information.

Clinton has coached over 100 leaders, delivered over 200 workshops to small, medium and large corporate groups, developed and delivered over 50 interactive workshops on various development models and has presented as a keynote speaker at 20 conferences around the world. He is respected in many Indigenous circles for his work with tourism and entrepreneurial development to preserve cultures. Clinton is well respected as a business coach with entrepreneurs and CEO’s due to his innovative approach, ability to communicate and proven track record. Clinton believes success all starts with one conversation.

Clinton has over 24 years working in rural, remote and northern communities throughout Canada and around the world, particularly in facilitation, coaching, strategic planning and community-based tourism development. As the founder, owner and of CES, Clinton has extensive experience managing a diverse and interdisciplinary team of professionals.

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